Kamila Holiday Mystery Box
Kamila Holiday Mystery Box
Kamila Holiday Mystery Box

Kamila Holiday Mystery Box

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Do you know how you can make your gift-giving even more memorable? Buy from local and small business.  

For the past one year, we have been working with hundreds of small business owners. They shared their story and they shared their struggles and dreams. After a year of learning from us on how they can market their products better, we want to introduce them more in our community. 

So, this coming holidays, we are opening a Kamila holiday mystery box that will contain pieces from the small business owners in our community!


The box will contain 1) SAKURA piece from Kamila and 2) pieces from the small business owners we are mentoring. These items range from leather products, macarons, jewelries and even flower arrangement. 

The Kamila sakura pieces that will come with in this box is made out of real sakura collected from the streets of Tokyo, Japan. The metal used is made from Japan; it's gold-plated and hypo-allergenic. We use materials from Japan from the metal pieces to the jump rings so you can expect it to be the highest quality. We also use Swarovski for our pearls and crystals. In summary, we only use the best material for our pieces. 

Some of the small business owners we are collaborating are Allyza of Jane Dough Desserts which are Sakura Macarons and Hope of Homie's Coffee which are ready to drink coffees and drip coffees.

Allyza came from a family of medical professionals and since she was young, it was expected of her to follow the footsteps of her parents but she learned early on that her heart is not there that's why it's not easy for her to pursue and dig in culinary arts. But Allyza, being the passionate person that she is, she followed her heart and now she's here. After working with us and our community, she was able to learn how to promote herself and her craft and now she's in the pages of Inquirer and Manila Bulletin. So if you order our artisanal box, there's a chance that you will get a piece of Allyza's story.

Another story that we want to introduce to you is Hope's! Hope is a pre-school teacher who is now building her own small business. She's crafting delicious coffees that you can enjoy at home. More than that, Hope is very passionate about animal care. One interesting thing about Hope is a part of her profit goes to organizations that care for animals. So every time that you drink Homie's coffee, you also contribute to the care of animals.

Please consider getting an artisanal box from us and be able to enjoy the inspiring stories of these small business owners.



The Sakura collection is covered by a 3 year warranty. You can return it back to us once or twice every year for a retouch. We can also change the metal parts upon request. This is our little contribution to the sustainability movement - we will ensure that each Kamila piece lasts a long time. 



For the holiday season, all orders From Nov 15-Nov 30 will be delivered on the 5th of December. Orders from Dec 1-Dec 10 will be delivered on the 15th of December. 

All of Kamila's pieces are made by hand. This and the fact that most of our materials come from Japan and other international suppliers, we need some more time to finish the pieces. We will let you know of the progress via email. 

Why choose us?

Kamila is Art and Change

Kamila's piece is no longer just goods. It is now a representative of the reason of our being: effect change. Our art is now our tool to organize communities and build other ventures so we can promote ethical consumption further. 


I don't want to change my phone model just yet because I am not ready to retire the Kamila Phone Case I get from you!


Kamila's pieces is so breathtaking. I always look forward to opening them!



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