Herbarium Pens
Herbarium Pens

Herbarium Pens

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Despite the technological advancement, note and pens will never fade.

Mobile phones cannot replace the joy when you write an idea on a notebook or writing your to-do there.

We want to upgrade that experience by giving you a breathtaking pen 🤍.

This pen is designed with real flowers 😍. 

Why choose us?

Kamila is Art and Change

Kamila's piece is no longer just goods. It is now a representative of the reason of our being: effect change. Our art is now our tool to organize communities and build other ventures so we can promote ethical consumption further. 


I don't want to change my phone model just yet because I am not ready to retire the Kamila Phone Case I get from you!


Kamila's pieces is so breathtaking. I always look forward to opening them!



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