Hanya: Check Your Boobs
Hanya: Check Your Boobs
Hanya: Check Your Boobs

Hanya: Check Your Boobs

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Polymer Clay is not like our childhood toy.

In the past three months that I've been working with Polymer Clay, I've learned that it requires a lot of patience. Patience in rolling out the clay, looking for the right size of shape cutters and tiny jewelry pieces.

As my patience was tested, this also changed the way I view life.

I kept on failing multiple times and I kept on experimenting to achieve the perfect bendable earrings that I was aiming for. Then I looked out there and all I see are a lot of other beautiful and perfectly molded clay pieces; insecurity creeped in.

The best part about my countless hours with mastering the polymer clay - it taught me that no matter how many rolls and twists, YOU will always be uniquely beautiful.


No two boobs are alike and no one is exempted. This is an awareness campaign to always conduct self-breast examination.

Hand made with 100% Polymer Clay. Real Hydrangea flower is accentuated with Swarovski Crystals. 

Material details:

• Metal findings is gold-plated

• Waterproof & non-tarnish

• Size: 3.5inch

Why choose us?

Kamila is Art and Change

Kamila's piece is no longer just goods. It is now a representative of the reason of our being: effect change. Our art is now our tool to organize communities and build other ventures so we can promote ethical consumption further. 


I don't want to change my phone model just yet because I am not ready to retire the Kamila Phone Case I get from you!


Kamila's pieces is so breathtaking. I always look forward to opening them!



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