Autumn Arrangement

Autumn Arrangement

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Designed and pattern after the Autumn Season, these bouquet is vintage and rustic in feels. 

Primarily colors are in red, orange, light green and gold. If you are a bride with a vintage theme or want to carry something unique, this should be your bouquet. 

If you want this as a decor, it is the perfect bouquet to splash any plain wall or decorate any top drawer.

Why choose us?

Kamila is Art and Change

Kamila's piece is no longer just goods. It is now a representative of the reason of our being: effect change. Our art is now our tool to organize communities and build other ventures so we can promote ethical consumption further. 


I don't want to change my phone model just yet because I am not ready to retire the Kamila Phone Case I get from you!


Kamila's pieces is so breathtaking. I always look forward to opening them!



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