Kamila's New Season

   Like flowers going through different seasons, it is also time for Kamila to turn over a new leaf. 

Here are some of the things we are preparing to launch. 


I. Flower Partners

   We are now ready to spread the growth we experienced to other flower artists. May you, our dear flower lovers, extend the same love and care to our future flower partners. 

 Kamila will soon be partnering to other flower artists who also wants to tell a story. These brands range from soap flowers, doughtnut flower, clothes with flowers and more. 

They prepapred exclusive collections you can only get from Kamila's page. Stay tuned, our dear clients. 


II. Dried Flowers

True to our mission of giving you flowers that lasts forever, Kamila is now ready to offer one-of-a-kind dried flower collection we will import directly from Japan. 

We will even provide DIY kits for you. Time to squeeze that creative brains for and design your own home. You can even design your own bouquet and make that gift-giving extra special. 


III. Luxury Experience

   This is the biggest change that is happening this season. Kamila will no longer be just about making art, now, we will also be about giving you an experience. We want you to enjoy not only the beautiful pieces you will soon own; we also want you to love every step of the way.

   The packaging was upgraded to a luxurious experience. Each box now contains dried flower bouquet imported from Japan. In the future, we will also incorporate other items from Japan and from the other ventures of Kamila.

   Moreover, all of our materials from now on will only be from premium suppliers in Japan. This will ensure that Kamila pieces are not only beautiful; they are also meant to last!


IV. Warranty, Repair and Retouching

   As our small contribution to sustainability, we want to ensure that your pieces will stand the test of time. 

   Based on a package you will choose, your pieces will be covered by warranty, cleaning, repairing and retouching services. Details on the packages are available in our FAQs and Terms and Conditions. 


V. Pre-Made Collections

Fruits Collection


   As a small business that was once a hobby, Kamila has a wide-array of designs available. That's why, most of our pieces are done on a made-to-order basis — we only craft it upon request. With this, our dear Kamila client needs to anticipate the arrival of their art pieces in a month or more depending on the complexity of the design. 

   In this new season, our collection will be made available on a pre-made basis. Meaning to say, we are ready to ship within a week after the order date. You'd get to meet your art pieces faster than the old season.


VI. Limited Pieces

   Like flowers, some of our collections will now be seasonal in nature. This especially applies to our Sakura and fruits collection. This will give you something to look forward to once these pieces are in season again the following year. 

   Further, limiting the pieces we release in a collection ensures the quality of each piece. Unlike mass produced items, the process each piece undergoes is done by hand — time, effort and love were spent. Now, having a limited item ensures you that the artists have paid so much attention to your art piece. Further, it means that there are only a few people in this world who has the same art piece as the one you have ;)