Kamila's FAQs

Will the item be identical to the product photos presented?

   Because Kamila products are not only handmade but also use real dried preserved flowers, each and every piece will be one of its kind, special and unique. There will be expected small differences between the photos and the final products, and may vary depending on screen and lighting.

Will resin yellow over time? Will the pressed flowers lose their colors or rot?

   All resin will yellow over time. How long depends on the brand used to preserve your pieces. In Kamila, we only use Padico resin which is one of the best UV resin there is in the market. Thus, unless exposed to direct UV light and the sun for a long time, your pieces will not yellow for at least a few years. 

   Note too that the flowers used in Kamila pieces will NEVER rot. Unless indicated in the description, the flowers will not change colors as they are sealed properly. 


How do I take care of my jewelry?

   Keep the jewelry away from direct sunlight for a long time, as it may cause yellowing. If improperly handled, resin may also scratch. A lens cloth is enough to clean smudges and fingerprints. Do not expose the pieces to chemicals or nail polish remover. Resin pieces are water-resistant but we will advise you to not expose it long to water elements. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.

How fast your resin pieces age will depend on how you care for them.


Are your metals hypoallergenic?

   Starting August 15, 2020, all of our metals are 14k gold plated from Japan. They are hypoallergenic and resistant to water and tarnish. It will last you for a long time depending on your use. If you want to ensure the life of your metals, you can opt for a gold-filled metal components. Gold-filled metal components are fully coated with gold.


How long is the lead time for custom orders?

   It takes time to create an art piece and Kamila strives to ensure quality. Therefore, it may take between 1 to 2 months to accomplish a single order. Lead time may also vary depending on how many items are there in a single purchase.


How do you package your items?

   Our packages are also a labor of love apart from our resin pieces! We supply our boxes from another local artisan who handcrafts them to their quality. We cut those pieces of confettis by hand, wrap them up, and finish them off with a pretty little bow or gift wrap. A bouquet of dried flowers was also packaged inside the boxes to make your day even better. 


Do you accept custom orders?

   Yes we do! We'd we would love to work with you and help bloom your ideas! Send us an email or ping us in our socieal media channels. 


How often do you release collections?

   New and interesting collections are released at least every month or every two months! 


Payment methods?

   Paypal, BPI, BDO, Palawan, Credit Card - Masters and Visa


Shipping and Delivery

   We ship using JRS. Pre-made collections are shipped every Saturdays. Cut-off of orders are Wednesdays of that week. Orders made from Thursday-Saturday are shipped the following Saturday. 



  • Once your package is sent to our respective courier services, we are no longer in control and responsible for any damage or lost parcels or delay on the estimated travel time. No worries though, we are monitoring your package and is ready to assist in tracking. 
  • Shipment may take longer during holidays, especially the Christmas season.

   If you have any trouble, please contact our Customer Service kamilas4amartjapan@gmail.com



   While Kamila continues with remote operation to ensure the safety of our staff, production and shipment may vary depending on the situation. Please expect any possible delays as we are no longer in control once your packages are sent to our respective courier services.