How to Order a Phone Case

Our flower phone case is one of our masterpieces. It takes 3-5 days to finish one case. Sometimes, even a week or two depending on the complexity of the design. 

The artistry we put in our flower phone cases are also unparalleled. Also, like all of our pieces, your phone case comes with a warranty of 10 days and repair service lasting to 3 months. You can also ask us to retouch your piece once. Retouching means adding another layer of resin so your phone case looks and feels like brand new. 

Each package also comes with flower bouquets and packed luxuriously to elevate your experience with Kamila. 

The price range of our handmade flower phone case is at 1,499-2,899 depending on the Phone model and complexity of design. 

You can check our collection page to see our featured design this month. If you saw a piece you like from our instagram/ facebook but it's not in our website, please send us a message in Instagram or Facebook so we can quote you the price. 

As mentioned these are art pieces. Therefore, our lead time is 1.5 months upon order. This is to ensure that we give our heart and soul to your handmade flower phone case. 

We want you to have a nice experience with us so we want take care of you as much as we can offer. If you have questions or has something you are curious about, you can always send us a message.