"I want to give my small business a shot". This is what Ms. Nyree told us when she approached to join our community of small business learning social media marketing. 

      When she started her business, she has no idea how to properly market it in social media. Now, she was featured by WheninManila and GMA TV! Her shoes were also used by celebrities and used in fashion shoots. 

      Her specialty is designing shoes with real flowers! 

      Trivia about Ms. Nyree, she is a doctor! She does this small business on the side as a hobby and now, as a way to bond with her kids!

      She shared to us that now, it is more of a family activity. Her kids are helping her in building her website, doing her pubmat and more! 

      When you wear her piece, do know that it is not just an art. It is made possible by a family. It is extra special because it strengthened the bond of a family. 


      About Nycety: 

      NYEcety: handcrafted niceties is a passion project of someone who thought that she didn't have a creative bone in her body. Hi. I'm Nyree Matanguihan, an Ophthalmologist by profession who is used to handling the eye; a very delicate organ indeed.

      It is this precision, care & skill that has allowed me to create unique, wearable art using real flowers preserved in resin. I have found my heART in resin crafts and would like to share the beauty of these creations with you. NYEcety's unique products are the multi-way earrings launched once a month and the Cinderella inspired shoes that have been featured in When In Manila & GTV's State of the Nation.

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