I started my small business without any experience nor background in business and marketing. 

      There was no direction. There was no plan. All I know is I wanted to make art. When I decided to become a small business owner, I needed to learn everything from scratch. 

      It was a meaningful experience but it was really difficult. I lost money, time and energy. 

      Looking back, how I wish I got some training somewhere. Things only turned out well for me when I met my current business partner - Harry. 

      He was the one who had the marketing and sales training. Little by little, he taught me how to do social media marketing. It is only when I saw a difference for my small business. 

      I want to do this for other small business owners - to lend a hand, to help them achieve their goal. 

      Our end goal here: inspire people to pursue their passion. We believe the world is a better place this way. 

      I, for one, became a happier and a more content person after I started my business. Can you imagine if there's a hundred to a thousand of us enjoying life because we wake up everyday doing something we love?

      Eventually, we will have these small business owners locate to our own website and app where they can control their storefront. For now, pls enjoy shopping their work here! 

      3 products

      3 products