DEDICATION. PASSION. LASER-FOCUS. PATIENCE. FAMILY. FRIENDS. I could go on and list a hundred more. What I am trying to say here is it takes so much in order to open a new business; especially that of a passion project.


This is why I have the highest respect people who went for it. Usually, small business is not profitable for at least a year or two. So most of the small business owners you see are also maintaining their day job and do their passion project on the side. Me, for example, I was doing Kamila while still reporting to my work on weekdays. Now that I am a Masters student, I am juggling management, crafting, reading and writing every single day.


I have no regret. Having Kamila opened a lot of opportunities for me. And I dare say that because of Kamila I get to know what is my purpose in life. If you are reading this because you want to start on this journey too, this blog is not meant to discourage you. I actually want to inspire you to go for it. But you will need help. Lots of it. Start with your family and friends.


My mom gave me my seed funding because I was afraid to spend my own money. My sister joined me in my first bazaar wherein I only have 15 bracelets to sell. Our ate became my personal assistant – helping me buy materials and ship items. My friends were my first customers. They also became my first ambassador. So you see, building a small business really takes a community.


Surround yourself not only with people who support you but also people who believe in your vision and goals. This is something I will talk about in the next blog – vision and mission and how important it is when managing a small business.


For now, know that deciding to venture into small business and passion project is a great big step already. I hope as I document my journey and share it you, I get to help you as we both continue in this path.

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