“If it is easy to make a change, a lot of people would have done it already”

“If it is easy to make a change, a lot of people would have done it already”.

This sentence meant a lot to me, especially today. We are not even aiming to make big of a difference yet. Our current goal is to affect change within our sphere. Albeit, in the long run, we wanted to contribute in achieving a market where people will have better alternative; alternatives that are ethical, local and environmentally friendly. That way, we can actively choose to boycott big companies not paying their workers right and polluting the environment. We want to do that by establishing our own small businesses and at the same time help, inspire and encourage other budding young entrepreneurs as well.

Yeah, that`s the bigger picture. But for now, we need to focus on the pressing matters or the steps before reaching our main goal such as establishing our business, communicating our message and making our business model more sustainable. IT REQUIRES A LOT OF WORK is an understatement. It requires dedication. It requires time. It requires discipline.

I am usually very keen on facing the challenge. I thrive in problem-solving. However, today, I am weak and vulnerable. Maybe it`s because I am tired from the past two weeks crazy schedule. Maybe because I drowning with pending work. Maybe because the winter cold is an added pressure. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

We were reviewing our structure, finances and strategies. Of course, we were discussing our points for improvement and proposed solution. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done. The possible risks and threats kept nagging in my head. The opportunities we can grab seems so close but so far away.

These things kept swirling on my head. I started complaining with my partner on why it is so hard to affect change. And this is what he said: if it is easy, a lot of people have done it already. And he is right in every sense of the word. Change is a process. Change takes work. Change takes time. You need to put in the work and the effort.

With that, I felt a sense of calm.

May these words, as you read this, also help you keep center and focused. Eyes on the goal. Everything will be alright. The universe favors the bold. The heavens bless those who want to make a better change!


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