Discipline. A lot of discipline.


I might be so far away from my goals in I can say I have ticked a lot of milestones already. It is thanks to a lot of things such as support of my family and I believe that the core of it all boils down one thing: discipline.


Motivation - can wane. Support of family and friends - you can never tell what happens in the future. You might lose some support or they might be too busy to be there for you. You know what will keep you going? Discipline. Even if you feel down, you can push through. Even if everything seems crushing down, be disciplined enough to hold it in and continue marching on.


Discipline is what pushed me to wake up at 4AM and pick up my brush. Discipline pushed me to maximize my time in order to do good at the university while crafting.


Of course, this is not to say that you should tire yourself out. Looking after your mental health is priority number 1! What I am saying is, train yourself to have the discipline to continue marching on despite all odds.


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