Our ethical: Why we are advocating for an ethical consumption

Ethical consumption is a reminder that a human being made the item I am using. 

This is the essence of ethical consumption for me, for our team. When we have this kind of mindset, it is easy to advocate for people to only support companies who are 1) taking care of their people by paying them well and giving them good working condition and 2) taking care of the environment. 

It's my truth and it's my core. I recognize that sticking to good companies is not easy if not impossible that is why we also are advocating for the growth of small businesses. If there are more small businesses in the market, there are more alternatives that we can choose from; alternatives that are environmental-friendly and is paying their people well. Needless to say, a robust small business is good for the economy as well. 

Kamila is Art and Change and this is the change we are envisioning: creating a community that will help us promote ethical consumption. Alone, I can only do so much but with tens and even hundreds of people, the impact is bigger. 

Kamila Academy and Ourethical by Kamila is how we plan to achieve this. In Kamila Academy, we teach other small businesses, most of them new to the industry, on how they can grow their business. Every Wednesday, we conduct free webinars covering different topics so they can increase their sales and build their own communities as well.

We also started organizing people to work with us in building Ourethical. It will be an application/website where people who are interested in practicing ethical and sustainable consumption can gather online. Afterwards, once it is safe once more, we are also building a Mover's cafe where people with the same interest can gather offline - to make friends and network. 

So this is what you are signing up for when you get a Kamila piece from us. Kamila's pieces are no longer goods. Our earrings, phone cases and other items are now our tool to achieve our mission. Therefore, getting a piece from us means you are supporting this vision: create a change through building communities that will help us promote ethical consumption. 


  • Amin

    Greetings. I recently saw your website and I commend the building of the niche. Do you require any expertise that will reflect your kind of brand and services? Are you hoping to generate constant sales and conversions? If yes, get the best marketing assistance from experts to help your business grow. I will apply certain marketing solutions that will generate traffic and consistent sales.
    Hope you don’t mind us discussing?

  • Elizabeth N M

    Dear Kamila,
    I am Elizabeth, 55 yrs old and an OFW in Brunei for more than 20 years. I have read your amazing and fruitful story in Preview.ph. It gives me hope that through your assistance I may also start an online business for me to enable to go back for good in Phils since my age is nearing retirement without cutting my source of income to support my 2 children. My 2 children are still schooling in university . Hoping for your favourable response. Thank you.

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