My Mom was My First Investor

"Let me invest in your vision."

I still vividly remember that day when my mom uttered these words. I was in the office. It was around 6pm; I was wearing an all-black ensemble with a white pair of stiletto heels. I remember the details. I remember my feelings because that day changed me. These words touched me. 

Weeks before that eventful day, I learned about the concept of making jewelry out of real flowers. I was obsessed. I was researching it day and night. I knew it will become a big thing because very few people have been doing that in the Philippines yet. 

The problem is, since it is something new to my country, the materials are only available abroad. Thus, I need around P15,000 to start. Though, I have a strong gut feeling that it will become a hit, I was not brave enough to bet with my own money. 

But my mom, she was ready to bet in my vision and dreams even when I was not. She believed in me and my abilities. Improtantly, she supported my vision. 

This is the day that Kamila was born. My mom was my first investor. My mom was my first fan. My mom was the first person to believe in me. 

So, thank you mama. You are one of the reasons why I worked even hard for Kamila. When it is my time to become a mother, I will try my best to be as supportive to my kid. 

To all moms out there - in any shape or form, Happy Mother's Day!!! Do know that we love you and that all your sacrifices are appreciated. We love you!


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  • dory

    Much continued success, Jamila !!!
    What are the costs … converted to U. S. dollars, please.
    Love,. Dory. 💝💝💝

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