Launching Ugnay by Kamila by guest blogger - Kara

Hello everyone!

   Welcome to a beginner’s space/journey/musings about ways to start on living your life (today, and the many tomorrows to follow!) eco-friendly, ethically, and sustainably. 

   I’m Kara, and if you clicked on this article because of the word “beginner”, then you and I, my friend, have that one thing in common right now. I, and seven other beginners in Ugnay by Kamilla have decided to embark on the path of living in contribution rather than in waste of Mother Earth. Just like you, we have consumed content on this topic from online articles, brand ambassadors, friends, and even strangers - but have yet to fully grasp its concept and how-tos in order for us to embody it as an advocacy, and a lifestyle. 

"We discovered that we share the same doubts and hesitation."

   This realization came to us one Sunday afternoon while brainstorming on content we can publish for the Ugnay IG page. We discovered that we share the same doubts, confusion, and hesitation to advocate for sustainable living as we, ourselves, have yet to apply these practices in our own homes, ways of living, and identities. 

   Who are we to talk about sustainable living? We use metal straws and reduce plastic usage, do those count? Eco-friendly sounds expensive, I identify myself as practical. Ethical and sustainable living sounds intimidating. I know I want to help conserve and save Mother Earth, but how do I start? 

   And then it hit us, we are all beginners. And that’s the truth. That’s our truth. And in truth lies vulnerability and strength. After all, everyone starts as a beginner, amiright? Who’s with us? :) If you are -- then let’s get started with these 1% changes you can start today!


Begin at home 

   Most especially since we are still strongly advised to stay inside, it’s the perfect opportunity to start your beginner journey right where you are now -- at home. Let’s start at the kitchen and bathroom, are your cleaning detergent, soap and other toiletries consist of chemicals that might be harmful to the environment? Opt to DIY them instead! Check out this article that lists all the ways you can go green when it comes to cleaning your homes. It’s simple, easy, and saves the Earth. Win-green. Win-win. 


Open your closet 

   Do you see tops, pants, jackets, or dresses that need stitching? Get your sewing tools, adn get to work on patching instead of shopping! You can even give your clothes a second life makeover by embellishing it with accessories and patterns. Did you know that clothing and other textiles are one of the most common waste? Give your clothes a second chance


Bring in the old 

   Just because you are ready to begin a new life full of sustainable-promises, doesn’t mean you have to buy a new set of bamboo straws, glasses, toothbrushes, and baskets! Repeat after me: Reduce, re-use, recycle -- this includes your belongings too! Adding more to what you have right now out of whim more than necessity can potentially contribute more waste in the future. You can start by segregating your possessions into these categories first, and objectively approach your purchase decision making with reason. 

   And there you have it! The first three steps you can take to jumpstart your beginner’s journey to a more eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable living! We are taking baby steps here, people! :) And when things get too overwhelming, always remember that we are with you on this. Ugnay by Kamilla got your back! 

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