Launching a Collection in the time of COVID19

"When all of this is over, people remember those who stood strong."


This is something that I will never forget from our short IG lesson on social media. We learned a lot from that discussion but that is for another blog. 

As a small business, the first and biggest step needed to be done in order to cope in this pandemic is to decide to march on. I know, this is easier said than done. But, for the sake of our staff, of our vision and of our community, we decided to continue. 

Two weeks ago, we launched a new collection - Sakura pieces. It sounded counterproductive actually but to our surprise, we got a lot of love and support from our clients. 


The future indeed looks bleak. A lot of people's livelihood is and will be affected. Small businesses are taking a big hit especially those who are in the travel and service industry. 

However, I hope everyone can get the inspiration to hold on to their dreams. It is going to be okay. 

Stand strong. Take this time to connect with clients. Launch things. You'd never know what will work with your following. We were surprised by the support we got. You might be in one big surprise too. :)

If you are a small business too and you got some ideas in your mind, hit us a message in IG. Maybe we can share your activity or we can partner up! 

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