Kamila's Online Bazaar: Gift that gives twice the joy

We want to effect change through our art. 

This is the reason of our being and the drive that keeps us going. We want you to know that for every Kamila piece you get, we get closer to the change we want to create. This change is simple - raise more awareness towards ethical consumption wherein we only consume products from companies that are taking care of their people and the environment. 

The best way to do that is to support local, small and handmade business. This is why we start to conduct FREE classes for small businesses every Wednesday. We teach them how to brand their products, how to market it, how to increase the sales and the like. If you want to join, click here

As a culminating activity, we organized an online zoom bazaar, the first of its kind with  6 amazing artists and small businesses. 

The schedule is seen in the poster below. In line with this, we also organized several FREE WORKSHOPS to give back to the community following and support us for a long time. Maybe future entrepreneurs can get new skills from this free workshops. You can also check the link of the free workshop schedule below. 

I understand, the schedule might be tight this weekend. So, if you cannot join the zoom, you can show your support by checking their products here.


Zoom link for the event is posted at the end of this article. For now, let me introduce the 6 brands and people joining this event. 

  1. Tita Nancy - Dried Flower Artist

    Tita Nancy is a Mom and an artist trying to enter the social media world. She is so sweet! When we started the preparation for the online bazaar, she told us that she is new to social media so we need to extend her patience to adjust. We are more than happy too! Her artistry is so good as well. Just look at this Sakura themed arrangement. 
  2. Pate - Food delivery and Custom gemstone bracelet
    Pate is the supermom in this group. She has a full-time job and a toddler to take care too. On the side, she manages two businesses! Talk about superpowers. In this Bazaar, she prepared ready-to-be delivered food at your doorstep. Hello Takoyaki lovers! Just say the word and Takoyaki will be there. Pate also makes customize bracelet especially for women with small wrists like her. We know the struggle. Check her out today. 
  3. Jorie - Wire and Resin Artist
    Jorie is a graphics artist by profession. She made most of all of our pubmats for the bazaar! You can also see her artistry in this event. She combined two difficult medium in one art - wire and resin. Check her out today.
  4. KS - curly hair accessory
    Karen has struggled with loving and accepting her curly hair since she was little. Now that she overcame the obsession with straight hair, she decided to tie up her advocacy for loving Filipina's natural wavy and curly hair to her brand. This weekend
  5. Brail - Thrifted for Modernong Pilipino
    Time to stop buying new things for the sake of something new. We can all update our wardrobe without spending a lot and without contributing to environmental destruction :D Checkout the finds of Brail's thrifted clothes.


Enjoy free workshop too. Refer to this photo for the Schedule:


Here is the zoom link in order to join: 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 7462 6234
Passcode: 9T2xZE

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