Kamila released environmental friendly mask and mask flower accessory

Kamila, an art shop that turns real flower into wearable art, has released the collection "Mix and Mask" as a way to cope with the 'new normal' resulting from the pandemic.


Mix and Mask collection contains an environmentally friendly mask made out of organic cotton coupled with an innovation Kamila has designed - flower mask accessory.


These accessories are meant to do three things. First, it is meant to tighten the fit of a mask, be it Kamila's mask or any other mask you might be wearing. Second, it is meant to accessorize your hair. Since not all of us can afford an artisanal mask, we can opt for an accessory to help us express ourselves.

Lastly, this accessory transforms any masks to be hijab-friendly.

This idea was inspired by a friend of the designer who wears a hijab. She said that hijab wearers use a specialized mask which is more expensive and harder to find. Otherwise, they need to remove their hijab before they can remove their mask or secure the mask using a safety pin over the hijab.

As a bonus, these accessories can double as a bracelet when not in use. Currently, Kamila used the following flowers for this collection - hydrangea, Sampaguita and Sakura.


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