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“You need to know how big you want to grow your business.”


I remember these words of advice from the guest of my first TV Interview. To be honest, at that time it was asked of me, I have no idea. I entered the entrepreneurship world without background, experience or goals.

 "I have no idea..."

For me, it was a hobby to pass the time from the moment I wake up at 4am to the time I need to prepare for work. Short story: I was trained to wake up at 4am to study since I was 7 years old. It became a habit that I still wake up early even after graduation.

Kamila eventually evolved from a hobby producing things for my own consumption to “selling to friends”. Then, we got media attention and we started “selling to strangers”. Then, we grew even more that I needed to hire a helping hand. 

All this was happening without planning from my part. Everything was experimental. It was a fun but expensive and time-consuming experience.

 "I had no plan..."

Then in 2020, I met a person who has a marketing and business background who agreed to handle the business side of things in Kamila. I never imagined that we had so much potential. We are now able to grow in a more sustainable and stable manner. More importantly, Kamila has now direction and goals.

"We are growing in a more sustainable manner."

This is something I want to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs as well. Others might not be as lucky as me – able to meet a partner with business background. I want to share with them the lessons we picked up from our experience in growing Kamila in the hopes that they can learn a thing or two. I want to share with them the things that I wish I knew when I was starting. I want to share to them the things I learn from my business partner as well.

 "I want to share this with other entrepreneurs."

More importantly, I want to create a community of entrepreneurs who will be supportive of each other’s growth.


We have that in Kamila Academy.


If you are reading this because you plan to or is currently running a business, join us. We have a facebook group composing of passionate and supportive entrepreneurs. 

Every Wednesday, we gather via zoom to discuss various topics that can help you grow your business. This is beginner friendly and will be very useful for people who just started or who is planning to start.


Shinsuke is the one facilitating the presentation. He is currently a marketer in a startup company in Japan; a startup company who won a silicon valley contest few years ago. He is also currently in business school. Every Wednesday, he integrates his experience in a Japanese start-up, his experience in running a small business in the Philippines and things he learned from his business school so he can share it with us.


You can never find a community who is eager to learn and at the same time, so supportive of other people other than Kamila Academy.


See you there.

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    Hi! Any schedule of upcoming workshop in flower preservation? Interested to join. Thanks

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