“So, what is the vision?”


This is the first question that my marketing officer asked me when he joined us. I was confused. For just do it because I love crafting. I continue on doing it because now I have to think about. He was confused apparently, I was operating without a vision; without a goal. Now, I realize that operating a business without a goal is like walking without direction.


He entered Kamila last January 2019. The numbers will show that after establishing our vision, our numbers improved greatly. Sales increased to 600%. Reach improved as well from 3,000 followers in Instagram to 8,000 followers.


But importantly, I think Kamila became bigger than myself already. It became more than just a business. Since I sat down and thought of what I really wanted to do with Kamila and how far I want this to go, I assign more meaning to the things I do. I might be I know that the effort I put is for a bigger purpose.


I think this is something I really want to impart to the small business owners out there. Try to think what it is that you stand for. What’s the Vision and Mission of the business you are handling now.


From there, you can start fitting your branding, brand image, brand message and even the contents you are posting.


On the next blog, I will be discussing about what I learned from politics in terms of messaging that I apply to Kamila.


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