What do we think when we hear the word Sakura, I believe it would be none other than the cherry blossoms that flourished in the well-lined trees in Japan to herald the coming of spring, the season of joy and love, of youth and growth. And in this trying time, of rebirth and renewal. We often associate each season with something that makes it special and worth remembering, the flowers for spring, the blooms for summer, the fall for autumn and the snow for the winter. We have our fields and beaches for the sunny days and the fireplaces and couches for the rainy days. One makes the memories and the other to reminisce them.


Kamila Ambassadors are the leaves to Kamila’s flowers; keepers who would think how something meaningful could be found in anything around us. Like they say, to make something special, you just have to believe its special, and when you do, you start to see the magic. Kamila Ambassadors add the touch of magic before Kamila spreads out onto its next venture. And like a leaf, it grows and goes alongside with the flower.


In our life, there will always be days that we consider to be special and certainly, days that need to be treasured. These are the moments that we considered to be dearest in our hearts and something that was a part of the moment holds the key to a floodgate of memories in the early dawns. And what could be more memorable to keep than the things that bore witness to the blissful day and be the key that we shall keep in perpetuity.


Kamila jewelries exude the simplicity yet elegance of the cherry blossoms and other flowers that shine demurely. It is the most fitting tribute to the flower that proclaims the coming of the glorious sun. Short lived as they may be as our special days yet deeply ingrained in our hearts and minds as we walked through life's journey. And as the journey is long and winding, let there be the jewelry to embellish its twists and turns, its ups and downs and be the key to allow us to go back in time and relished the days gone by.


Moments pass, MOMENTS last.

Writer Elyzza 

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