How to manage a busy schedule

Managing a business takes time. A lot of time. And so is being a full-time graduate student. Finishing the coursework is a heavy load but I was not ready on how difficult it is to start writing my thesis. 


Both the business and writing require mental energy. These two plus my effort exercise and then plan and prepare my food left me exhausted and gasping for air for the past two weeks.


I and my business partner sat down to check how I can save time. We came down to the conclusion that I am not lacking time. I can manage to do everything within a day. My problem was, at the end of the day, I am exhausted beyond belief.


Digging deep into myself, I realized that the exhaustion is coming from thinking, a lot. There's a lot of things taking up my mental space.


What do I eat? What food do I prepare? What should I read today? What jewelry do I make today?


My business partner wants to implement a system that automates things. We started with food. I realized this is something I do in the Philippines before that's why I can manage to have a full-time job and a business - I do not think about my food (I have ate Christy or a food delivery service).


So, we subscribed to a food delivery service here in Japan. Surprisingly it is not too expensive. I will pay $50 to have 10 meals. So that's about my lunch and dinner for the weekdays. Then, I will limit my food preparation on the weekend or there is an option to eat outside to vary the food too.


It automatically saved me at least 1-2 hours a day (meal prep and cleaning after). It will also save me a 2 hour grocery time a week; I might be able to limit my grocery run to just once every two weeks since this time, I only need to buy for my breakfast and snacks.


We will start this system next week but I already felt relieved. We chose a healthy food delivery service so there's no worry about my nutrition intake.


Let's see how it goes next week. If this helped a lot, then our hypothesis is right - automating things frees up some work for my brain. Hopefully, this helps me focus more on some heavy brain lifting - my thesis!